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I avoided Gum Surgery.I had bleeding, inflamed gums for five years. They bled when I brushed. The dentist advised deep gum work. I took the Tooth Formula daily. Now there is no bleeding and I don't need gum surgery.’

Infected Root Canal - Healed.A patient had an infection in the jaw. They started the Tooth Formula. After a month, the dentist saw the x-ray. I can't believe it's healed!

Loose Teeth Healed.My wife's teeth were loose. After a few months on the Tooth Formula, her gums became stronger. No more loose teeth.’

Teeth far less Sensitive. ‘My teeth were so sensitive that it hurt just to get them cleaned. When I use the Tooth Formula regularly before I have my teeth cleaned, there is a huge reduction in sensitivity.’

Gum Infection Healed. ‘I had a bad gum infection in the back of my lower, left molar. For days I was in pain. I applied the Tooth Formula 3-4 times a day. Often in the middle of night. The pain left and never returned.’

Gum Surgery Avoided. After taking the Tooth Formula, my gums magically healed.’

Tooth & Gum Stories

86-year-old Cancels Tooth Extraction.

‘My 86-year-old mother had extreme dental pain. The dentist said the tooth was extremely infected. Since she had a retainer, it could cost $2,600.’

I started using the Speicher Tooth formula on her infected tooth -- three times a day. Three weeks later, we returned to the dentist. No infection. No pain. No extraction. I saved thousands!’

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Serving the Amish for over 18 years.

Speicher Health Products often work -- after other remedies FAIL. 100% natural.

When other remedies FAIL, try Speichers.

Speicher's Infection Formula #717

Over 19,000 customers have improved their health using Speicher Health Products. Many of these people got results -- after the best medical and nutritional treatments failed to work.

Speicher's Worm & Parasite Formula.

Many readers claim this is great for infections. Our best seller for many years.

A natural, anti-bacterial supplement. A powerful formula to help boost the body's Natural Defenses.

70-80% of Americans have worms & parasites. This could be the reason you can't get well.

Our TOP best-selling products.

#5. Speicher's Tooth & Gum Formula. If you want to keep your teeth for a lifetime, this is the formula to take. It is pure magic for the teeth and gums.

#6. Speicher's Eye Formula. This is an old-time, herbal remedy for helping vision problems. Many claim they no longer need glasses.

#7. Speicher's Allergy Formula. This is a powerful natural formula to help protect against pollen. Many have told us they are free of allergies for the first time.

#8. Speicher's Liver Formula. Many claim the liver is the key to a long life. The liver is a ‘living filter.’ This formula helps to cleanse the liver.

#1. Speicher's Formula #717. This is our #1 best selling infection formula. We receive many miracle stories.

#2. Speicher's Colon Pills. This formula is fabulous for cleansing the colon. This is used together with Speicher's Colon Cleanse.

#3. Speicher's Colon Cleanse. This cleans and disinfects the bowel. This also helps to remove parasites. If you have to strain when you go to the bathroom, you need this formula.

#4. Speicher's Worm & Parasite Formula. This powerful formula helps to expel and remove worms & parasite. 70-80% of Americans have worms and parasites. This could be you!

Dear Speicher Health Products...

Arthritic Dog plays like Puppy. An 8-year-old dog lost 20 lbs. He could barely walk. His joints were swollen and inflamed.

After taking the 717 Formula for 10 days, the dog came back to life. It regained the lost weight and now plays like a puppy.

Formula 717 -- A Gift from God. ‘I never had anything help like this. My muscle weakness was getting worse from bad bacteria. I used one bottle. I feel stronger -- my joints are more flexible.

‘My brain is clearer. Even the plaque on my teeth came off. Now that's amazing! I don't want to be without it.’

I can Sing Again. This past winter I had a bad cough. Whenever I wanted to sing, I would start coughing.

I tried the 717 Formula. Two days later, I could sing as long as I wanted. No more cough.’

Heartburn helped. A woman with heartburn took the 717 Formula for two weeks. Most of the symptoms left.’

Cold Symptoms Gone. ‘A 65-year old medical doctor claims he had the start of a cold three times within the past three months. He says every time he started the 717 Formula, the cold cleared up overnight.’

Sinus improved. ‘Thanks to the 717 Formula, I can now breathe through my nose. I had a bad sinus infection and cough. But now, I can't believe how good I feel.’

Nasal Congestion improved. My nose was clogged. I took the 717 pills for a few days. Within one week, I could breathe easier.’

Cold Prevented. ‘I felt a sore throat coming. My nose was running. I was congested. I took 2 pills of the 717 formula for two days. On the 3rd day,, no more symptoms.’’

Swollen ankle almost healed. ‘A woman had an inflamed ankle from an accident. It was swollen; hard to walk. She took the 717 pills for 3-4 days. The swelling decreased; she could walk again.

Formula #717 Stories.

Which Colon would you Prefer?

Clogged Colon

Normal Colon.

No more pain in Colon ‘A clogged colon had caused a woman to have a dull pain on her side. After taking the Speicher Colon Pills, she had her first release of pain in years.’

Constipation Healed I used to go only once a week. I was packed solid; even Ex-lax didn't help. I went to the hospital and spent $3,000. Nothing worked. The colon pills were a lifesaver. Within a few days, I went. Thank God.’

Face starts to Glow. ‘After two weeks on the colon pills, she started to go 2-3 times a day. Her belly went way down. Her face started to flow. Her eyes started to sparkle’

Hemorrhoids Healed. ‘I had hemorrhoids for five years. They were bleeding, itching and stinging. After six weeks, all this vanished.’

Acne Heals. ‘Now I don't get bloated. My face doesn't break out. I feel so much healthier. I don't get food cravings anymore.’

They wanted to cut out my Colon! ‘For eight months I could only have a bowel movement with an enema. The doctors said I had irritable bowel syndrome. I lost 20 pounds.’

‘I friend told me about the Speicher Colon Pills. I took up to 13 capsules for a year. Now I am healed. I couldn't ask for a greater miracle.’

Could have saved Father. ‘I know these two products could have saved my father from dying of colon cancer.’

Lost 11 pounds I lost 15 pounds from all the junk that came out. I feel more alert. I used to wear a size 14. Now I wear a size 10. I had to buy everything new.’

Allergy Stories

Sneezing gone.I haven't sneezed in years, thanks to the Speicher Allergy Formula.’

Food Allergies.I can now eat forbidden foods I could never tolerate before. No more migraines.’

Bleeding Nose Stopped. ‘For years a little boy had a terrible bleeding nose from his allergies. He was up almost every night.

Soon after taking this formula, the nose bleeding stopped. He got relief from the first dose. Now he sleeps soundly all night. ’

Asthma healed. Our son suffered from asthma for six years. We tried the Allergy Formula. On day 5, his nose was clear. On day 10, we noticed a tremendous improvement.’

Speichers and Speichers Formula #717 is a registered Trademark of Sammy Spicher.

I prayed for years... ‘Please God, find an answer for my allergies. I'll do anything you wish -- just STOP the mucus and congestion.’

‘Then by the grace of God, I discovered Speicher's Allergy Formula. After trying this for a few days, I found great relief.’

Allergies gone for the first time. Just one bottle of this formula has done more for me than ten doctors. For the first time in my life, no allergies. I am 72 years old.’

Eye Stories

76-year old Farmer drives Buggy without Glasses.I had a fantastic healing. I had worn glasses for 50 years. The eye doctor said I was farsighted and had astigmatism. This last year I had the beginning stage of cataracts.’

‘I started the Eye Formula. I took it as a tea and as a wash five times a day. Within a month, I was able to discard my glasses.’

No more Rainbows around Eyes. ‘I was having headaches and seeing rainbows around lights. Two weeks after using the Speicher Eye Formula as an eyewash, I don't see anymore rainbows.’

Can see distant objects clearer. I used the Eye Formula as a wash for over a month. Later, I went to church and sat in the fourth row. Something came off my eye. A lot of mucus. I could see the preacher for the first time at a distance. I can now see clearly enough to thread needles.’

Dry Eyes Healed. ‘I have been bothered by dry eyes for years. My eyes were tired most of the time. I alway felt there was something in my eyes that I couldn't see.’

The only thing that helped me was the Speicher Eye Formula. After my first complete day, my eyes felt clear for the first time in years. They felt clear and bright like they did when I was twenty.’

Can read the Bible without Glasses. My eyes were so bad, I couldn't even see my own face in the mirror clearly. Now, I can read my Bible with fine print! Thank God.’

Testimonial Letters -- from Customers

Tooth Report

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Reader stories are not scientific evidence. What works for one person may not work for the next.








Healing the Colon

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Worm & Parasite Stories

Severe Bloat gone! A man had severe bloat and constipation. He was always hungry, no matter how much he ate. His stool tested positive for parasite. The Speicher Worm Formula ended most of his problems.

Skin now rosy. My skin is now a healthy pink. It glows. The worms are gone.’

Vision improved. One woman was seeing rainbows when the sun shined. When she removed the parasites from her body, her vision was normal.

One Woman's Secret. A woman in New Mexico is 101 years old. Her mind is razor sharp. Her memory is great. She works eight hours a day. Her secret? She keeps her body free of parasites and worms.

Eyes sparkle. When the worms & parasites go, the eyes start to sparkle.

Parasites and Cancer. Millions have the intestinal fluke. One health author claims that all cancers are caused by a single parasite -- the intestinal fluke.

How to Eliminate Worms & Parasites.

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Worms & Parasites


Healing Infections

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But certainly worth a try.


Healing Vision Problems

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Healing Allergies

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No flu this year! I always got the flu once a year. Not this time!’

I can now breathe through my nose.’ I had a bad sinus infection and cough. But now, I can't believe how good I feel.’

‘The people who are the sickest -- they have the most parasites.’


“To me, the Speicher Colon Pills have been a Lifesaver.” When you find something like this, you just thank God for it.”

Colon Stories



If you eat Pork, Ham, or Bacon, 100% certain you need this product!


Allergies gone for the first time. ‘Just one bottle of this formula has done more for me than ten doctors. For the first time in my life, no allergies. I am 72 years old.’


‘Everyone has parasites -- everyone! I mean 100% out of 100 people.’ -- Colon Therapist


Healing Infections

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100% Natural

100% Natural


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